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Welcome to my blog!
I am a mother of one young boy and I have a fabulous husband. I love them very very much and I suppose that is why I have developed a passion/obsession with cooking and feeding my family.
I love entertaining and hosting dinner parties.

In my past, I have been very lucky as I was welcomed into a Gujarati household and I was taught how to make REAL Indian food. Manjula or "Mumji" as she liked me to call her, was the only lady in her household, so I think that sharing some of her recipes was a pleasure for her. Although I say this, to my regret, I didn't take every opportunity, so this has really given me drive in my life to learn how to cook good and healthy Gujarati food.

So this is what has led me to try and create the food that she cooked with such a passion. I definitely think that her passion has rubbed of me to, but not just Gujarati cuisine, but for any food that has a little spice and a bit of life added to it.

I hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as I do and please, please help me on my journey by giving suggestions and ideas of your own in the comment box please :-) :-) :-)

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