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layered butter paratha recipe

LAYERED PARATHA LAYERED PARATHA LAYERED PARATHA! This bread is so so amazing you could make a mantra or a chant from the name. It is that AMAZING!! You can absolutely guarantee that once you have made paratha, you will want to make it again and again. This bread is definitely one of the most popular breads there are around in India!!! They are so so versatile too! You can have them plane, with a meal or as a meal, stuffed with nearly every filling you can imagine. I think that the most popular filling is potato, but spinach, cauliflower, paneer, fenugreek and lots more, taste heavenly too, so you can always experiment with you own tastes and ideas. There are even different ways to prepare this heavenly bread. In this recipe, I have layered the paratha in this recipe, but you can just do this like a thick chapati. The only thing is, if yo cook it like a thick chapati, you perhaps need to cook it for a little longer. This is just because it can become chewy if it is too thick.

Ingredients:- serves 2-3

3/4 cup chapati flour,
a large pinch of salt,
hot water, (as required)
oil for drizzling,
butter or ghee for spreading and cooking.


1) Mix together the flour with the salt, and then add enough water to make a smooth soft dough.

2) Drizzle a little oil on to the dough and rub the oil all around the dough ball. Leave to rest in a warm place for at least 15 minutes and also don't forget to cover it with cling film or a damp cloth.

3) Pre heat a tawa or a heavy bottomed pan on a medium to low heat. Next, give the dough another quick kneed and divide into equal portions, take one of the balls and place the rest back into the warm place, covered, just while you roll the dough.

4) Roll them out into a circle and about twice the thickness of a chapati. with the back of the spoon, spread some melted butter over the top, then fold it once, spread a little more butter onto the top of that half, and then fold again. Leave to one side and follow the same steps with all of the other dough balls.

5) When you are ready to roll, place one of the triangles onto the board and roll out to about the same thickness of a chapati, but try and keep everything tucked in nicely. ( This is just for presentation, so don't worry if you cant do this because it doesn't affect the flavour at all.

6) Once this is done, slap the rolled paratha onto the heat and cook until it changes colour slightly and you start to see little bubbles. Flip the paratha over and do the same as the other side, but this time you need to spread some butter onto the top of the paratha. Gently press the bubbles to encourage the paratha to puff up. Flip it over and spread some more butter and cook for a little while longer. You may need to flip the paratha several times to crisp them up.

7) Repeat the process until all of the paratha's are cooked. Keep them warm by wrapping them in tin foil.

Serve with your favourite curry.

Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions. I would be the happiest person in the world if you did! :-) :-)

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