Saturday, 23 June 2012

Home made Ghee

MMMMMMM!!!! I tell you, there is just something sooooo irresistible about home made ghee!! The smell, the taste it is just so fantastic! Home made ghee is so much better in every single way compared to the shop bought stuff. I have completely stopped buying the shop bought stuff - YUK. At the beginning of my cooking journey, I always used shop bought ghee, but ever since I made my first tub of home made ghee I have never looked back! Home made ghee is sooo much cheaper too. I bought a pot of ghee and it cost around £4.99 and to make the same amount at home it only costs £2!!!!! over half price!!

There are conflicting opinions about butter. Many people say that ghee has many, many health benefits and then other people say that it is bad for you. I must say that I am a believer that a little bit of everything is good for you. The thing is, some dishes just don't taste right unless you use ghee!!


2 blocks of shop bought unsalted butter. THAT'S IT!!!


1) Heat a saucepan over a low to medium heat and melt the butter.

2) Once all of the butter has melted, bring to a gentle simmer until the butter separates and you start to see a foam. This foam should go.

3) Keep simmering until another foam stars to develop and you see the white bits start to colour.

4) At this point the ghee needs to be strained straight the way, so either through a muslin cloth, or a strainer, poor the contents into a clean metal, or adequate container and leave to cool.

That's it!!! The ghee is ready!! :-) Use as required. :-) :-)

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