Friday, 6 April 2012

My ginger paste

This recipe really saves you alot of time, money and effort! In the early days of my cooking jurney, i used to throw away so much ginger because i could't use it all up quick enough. Now i prepare it this way in bulk and freeze. Then when ever you need it you can just spoon it out into your cooking.


As much ginger as you want to store ( Maybe 3 whole roots )

1) Peel the ginger and roughly chop

2) Put all of the ginger into a blender or an electric grater

3) empty the ginger into a bowl and add enough salt to stop the ginger from freezing. The reason that i have not given definite amount is that it is really trial and error. I don't worry if i have not used enough because all it means is you have to freeze it anyway and then give the block of frozen ginger a good scrape with a spoon or something like that to make this humble ginger paste into something of a real time saver.

4) Freeze the ginger paste and if you remember, after a few hour you can take out the ginger and give it a bit of a stir. Freeze, and then again after 3 or four hour, give it another stir. Really don't worry if you forget because i always do! To be honest if you spend a bit more time scrapping it with a spoon instead if stirring it all the time, you get a much fluffier end result.

5) when you have followed all of these steps, your ginger is ready to use to make your cooking more convenient. Just simply add as required.

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