Wednesday, 18 April 2012

carrot and chilli pickle

Omg! i could eat this stuff till the cows come home! lol. i make this pickle every month and i have to have it with pakoras, potato wada, gujarati potato's and anything like that.
the first time i had this pickle it was bought from an indian sweet mart on belgarve road and i tried for years with no succes to make it for my self, so i about gave up untill one chrismas, my dad was making home made pickles, so i made sure that i watched him prepare the pickles. He had a different way of drying the veg which i had never thought of, so i tried it with this pickle and it was a success!! Thanks Dad x i will add some photo's soon


about 6 large carrots
about 20 green chillis
1tbs mustard oil
1tbs lemon juice
2 tbs split mustard seeds
1/2tsp tumeric


  1. Peel the carrots and wash the chilli's
  2. Cut the carrots into halfs and then into quarters. You shoud have eight peices from each carrot.
  3. slit the chilli's
  4. Put the carrotts and the chilli's into a bowl and mix 1 tbs of salt and mix well. dont worry if it sounds like alot because this will be rubbed away.
  5. Leave over nite for the water to drain from the veg.
  6. The next day drain the veg in a collinder and leave to drain for 1/2 hour
  7. lay a few layers of kitchin paper and lay the carrots and chillis onto the papper to dry leaving a space between so that the papper can soak up the water. Place another few sheets over the carrots.
  8. place a large book over the carrots to help draw out the moisture. The more moisture you can take out the better the pickle will be.+ it will last longer.
  9. in a few hours repeat the proces with kitchin paper because it wont dry on wet paper!
  10. you may need to do this another time before you leave them to dry over night.
  11. the next morning check how dry the carrots are, if the are still abit damp then keep them wrapped up till lunch time.
  12. when they are dry, transfer them into a clean container and mix in all the other ingeadients, and leave over night.
  13. your pickle is ready to eat. dont forget to give the container a shake before you serve.

The reason i dry the veg out this way is because i live in the damp midlands. If you live in a lovely dry hot climate you can dry the pickles in the sun over night.


  1. More carrots plz. :-) Looks 110% like the one you always like. superb will go through other recipes of yours.

    1. Thank you so so much Kash!!!! And you know me very well, I can't get enough of your carrot and chilli pickle! I'm so so happy that you have left such a lovely comment, although I'm sure that mine will never be as good as the ones in alpa sweet mart!! Your shop is my heaven!!! I could live there!!! Take care! :D