Friday, 17 February 2012

Welcome to my life, thoughts and recipes!!

Hiya!!! Well, welcome to my blog!! My reason for starting up a blog is so that i can record the recipes that i am completely obsessed with and the things that happen in my life!! I have a fantastic little boy who is sooooo cute and funny, I'm sure ill be blogging lots about him! My husband ( whom I adore with all my heart ) takes us all out for lovely food and outings on regular occasions, so I'm sure all of that will be blogged too! Oh and of cause!!! how can i forget to mention i have two, very different in personality, but both Siamese cats who i both love to bits. they will definitely be in this blog for all the things they get up to. All in all everything is good and entertaining, but there can be some lows too. But all this to me makes all the good times well worth-it and after all would you really appreciate the good times if there was no bad? COUCH-COUGH :-) soz I'm making everything sound all serious now which i don't wanna do!! ;-) Right then i suppose id better get on with it......

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