Friday, 17 February 2012

And tonight's dinner is..... Scallops on pea puree

Well i think that my husband will be pleased!!!! I'll tell you why, i am actually going to cook him a few dishes that don't contain any chilli what so ever. That's right, with NO CHILI!!! I'm telling you now, he will think that iv gone even more bonkers than i already am :-)
The trouble is that i am absolutely obsessed with all food Asian ( especially all things Indian!) I know that he likes curry very much, but i know that he doesn't as much as me and i would definitely say that i have got a higher tolerance level than he has in the chilli department lol.. now now, its not a competition, but I'm sorry, i cannot help it!!! No, perhaps i do enjoy the thought of having a high tolerance level for chillis, but that's just me playing games really. Anyway i really do mean it that he will be supprised about tonight's dinner, because dinner usually consists of lots of lovely Indian food, so here goes something new.
I thought i would treat him to something really nice to eat for dinner tonight because on Tuesday night he took me to a fabulous restaurant in a village close to our town for valentines night. The food was amazing and very upmarket and the staff were too equally deserving of lots of praise. So this is what has inspired me to try and cook this for him. i have never cooked this before, but i have cooked scallops before so I'm sure the pea puree will be nice too. because i want to make it a bit of a special meal I'm also going to do a main course of simple pork kebabs and couscous. These pork kebabs are a recipe of my dear father who used to cook these kebabs at familly bar-b-que's, so this recipe is extresmely dear to my heart but i must say one of the most simple too.

For the starter:- Scallops and mint puree...

200-250g frozen peas
1 tbs cream of choice ( optional )
6 scallops
1 tbs butter
1 tbs olive oil
a splash of lemon juice

1. Boil the peas in lightly salted water for about 6-7 minutes.
( this is longer than normal! you need the peas to puree nicely. )
2. When the pea's are cooked, dunk them in ice cold water to retain the nice green colour.
3. puree untill you have a nice slightly course consistancy, season with salt pepper an a dash of lemon juice and keep to one side for re-heating and keep covered.
4. heat a pan on a medium heat untill the pan is really hot.
5. Add the butter and oil, and wait untill the frothyness cooks out.
6.Add the scallops carefully flat side down.
7. This part i always find difficult because you have to just leave the scallops alone for a few minutes to ensure that you get a nice chrispy seared texture. If you move them about in the pan, they wont chrisp up!
8. After a few minutes you can cheack to see if they are searing, if they are you can now turm them over to the other side.
9.Just cook for another minute or so on the other side as the last thing you want to do is to over cook them. If you press them lightly with you finger they should feel soft and springy and not tough. if they do they are over cooked! They also want to still be slightly opake in the center
10. Take the scallops of the heat, turn the heat right up and re-heat the pea puree with the buttter and stir so that the butter is well incorperated.
11. Serve the pea puree in the center of your plate and serve the scallops on the top

Serve imediately while it is pipping hot! ENJOY!!!!!

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